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 Forum Crew needed

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Forum Admin

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PostSubject: Forum Crew needed   Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:44 pm

So, if someone wants to join Console-Forum Crew, please contact me or the other admin by PP.

Interested to become Moderators:
You are required to have: Minimum knowledge of how to set up a link and image, and knows how to upload to a variety of servers (images and other files). To remove spam messages, commercials, writing, etc.

Moderators Job:

- Help the forum develop.
- Keep the peace in the forum.
- Deletes pointless posts and topics.

What gets moderator?

- New color for a user ID
- Major Inbox for Private Messages.

What are the moderator duties?

Read all messages in the forum, which you moderate.
Deletes all what insults other members of the Forum on any grounds (political, ethnic, religious ...) and repeatedly write messages that do not have to do with the topic.
Also, it is best to always, so when you moderate (moving, deleting topics or messages) notify the user about it, to know what's happening.
Their behavior needs to be a model for other users, just and impartial for language communications.
Moderate messages so that they do not violate rules, adapt them to specified rules (for example: a message in which there is a four-letter word that insults someone, moderate the word, it is better than deleting the whole post. Also, leave a notice to a user, so he knows the reason for moderation:

[b][color=red]Moderator wrote:
- Reason for moderation -
All that work, not working for personal interests, but exclusively in the interests of the Forum.
Keep an equal and fair attitude towards all users and guests of the Forum.
Be available to users and reply to all questions, including thematically relevant private messages.
Eventually stop conflicts by users (by writing public or private warning); if users despite reminders to continue with inappropriate conduct, moderators are obliged to contact the administrator of the Forum in order to restrict access to warn users / guests.

How to realize the right to the title "Friend of forum," later "moderator"?

In the future, whoever wants to be a moderator, will be transported to the group of "friend of forum" where he will spend some time and will only then consider further on the progress, whether it will or not, become the moderator.
To achieve this, the user must have a minimum of 100 written posts (quality) in order to reach the group Friend of forum, "which doesn't mean that he will remain in the moderator, or friend of forum group. "
Title does not give anyone the right to abuse this position and to behave towards others as not fitting. So something will be recognized by.
When a moderator becomes inactive for 30 days, he will be dismissed of his title.

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Forum Crew needed
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